How to Stay Healthy in 2021

As we enter the new year, people around the globe are all thinking about one thing: their health. 2020 was a challenging year for all of us. It tested our patience, fears, and immune systems. Although 2020 is over, health is still on the forefront of all of our minds. 

Read on to learn how to stay healthy this year—mind, body, and soul. 


2020 brought about fears and anxieties that many people never thought they’d face in their lifetimes. Studies revealed that nearly 1 in every 3 people experienced moderate to severe symptoms of anxiety due to the novel Coronavirus pandemic. 

If you’re looking to improve your mental fortitude in 2021, here are our favorite tips. 

Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a type of meditation that teaches practitioners how to be open and attentive to the present, rather than getting carried away in the “what if’s” of the future. When practicing mindfulness, practitioners learn to notice their thoughts without passing judgement upon them or labeling them “good” or “bad”. 

Through mindfulness, you’ll become more intune with yourself and your thoughts without ascribing morality to them. Instead, you’ll learn to accept all parts of yourself and the present. 

Starting your mindfulness practice is actually quite simple. There are plenty of guided meditations online or in your phone’s app store. 

Connect with a Therapist 

Therapists are an invaluable resource to those who have access to them. If you are able to work with a therapist, it’s time to do so. 

A therapist provides you an unbiased perspective on your life. It’s a chance for you to gain valuable insight on your relationships, interactions, or yourself. Therapy gives you access to parts of yourself you may never have thought possible. 

It’s easy to connect with a therapist. You can ask your primary care physician for a referral or use a directory online. Just like mindfulness practice, talk and text therapy is also available via your phone’s app store. 


If there’s ever been a time to be in tune with your physical health, the time is now. Read on for our advice on maintaining your physical health in 2021. 

Wear a Mask 

Love them or hate them, you’ve got to wear them. Wearing a cloth mask over your nose and mouth doesn’t only protect you, but it also protects everyone around you. Masks prevent invisible droplets that carry viruses and germs from transferring between your nose and mouth and those around you—and vice versa. Data shows that mass mask-wearing substantially prevents the spread of disease.

There’s no need to purchase a medical grade mask; cloth masks work just as well. That helps save medical-grade equipment for first responders, and means better-looking masks for you! Masks can be purchased just about anywhere these days, from drug stores to department stores. For a personal touch, make your own custom face masks with your favorite photos or characters on them. 


Due to new restrictions from the novel coronavirus pandemic, many gyms and workout classes around the nation have temporarily closed. That may mean that your workout routine has come to a screeching halt. 

Nonetheless, exercise is still vital to your health. Just like wearing a mask, you’ve got to do it. Experts suggest at least 30 minutes of exercise per day, if not more. Regular exercise supports your body’s overall health, helping to keep you healthy. 

Exercise doesn’t have to come in the form of a gym workout or a 10-mile run. Any way you move your body is exercise, as long as it gets your heart pumping and blood flowing. If you’re sweating, you’re working out! 

Try going for a brisk walk in your neighborhood or even put on your favorite playlist and dance to good tunes! Biking, hiking, and swimming are all awesome workouts, and will also give you a much-needed dose of vitamin D. 

Need help staying on-track with your 2021 goals? Bookmark this page to refer back whenever you need!