How to finally start with your New Year’s resolution

If you’ve found yourself reading this, chances are it’s not your first time going through such an ordeal. Everyone makes those New Year’s resolutions. Some are more adamant and open about it. They love to hype things up and talk to everyone who’d listen. Others keep a low profile and just hope that “that year” would be the one. Even if you find all of that silly and laugh at others who keep making such a big deal out of it, deep down you probably have a number of things you want to jump on and are hoping that January 1st will be the day to start.

Well, that day was a while ago and it’s extremely likely that you, just like the vast majority of people out there, didn’t stick with the original plan or decision. Reasons and excuses are plenty. Sometimes that slow or nonexistent progress is really justified but, most often, we quit before even starting, keep lying to ourselves and postponing that initial push, or give up after a certain period of time. Regardless of what we’re talking about and no matter how convinced we were that we’re actually going to do something about it now, somehow, we either end up being too lazy or preoccupied with different things. Not saying that we can’t get distracted by some much more important or fun things, like playing free sex games, but as time keeps passing, we lose more and more of that original conviction. Those who wanted to travel more find themselves lacking time or money, end up buried beneath mountains of responsibilities thinking there’s always next year – and that keeps repeating year after year. Then, there are people who want to start living a healthier life. They sign up for a gym membership, research on healthier foods and embark on a journey towards a new, improved life. Only, every gym owner in the world looks forward to January and all that sweet revenue from a bunch of people who give up after a week.

Say you wanted to quit your day-to-day job and start a business to become your own boss. Come January, you’d start looking into opportunities and using much of your hard-earned spare time towards developing that idea, yet you’ll often find yourself drifting towards those online sex games before finally quitting and going with the flow. Well, as the old adage says, if it were easy, everyone would do it. While a couple of paragraphs won’t make you suddenly turn your life upside down and become the most productive person in the world, there are a number of things you could do that would, in the long run, drastically improve your way of living. After all, we are creatures of habit and laziness and procrastination are habits as well.

Instead of constantly making big plans, rehashing them, talking about them, and living them in your imagination, start taking action. Dream big but start small. If your goal is to have the hottest summer body ever, start with looking into the best gym for you. Then find a simple program, go to one training, then the next. Make steps, however small, but keep going forward. When you don’t feel like working out think whether you actually have a valid excuse or if you’re just lazy, and then power through. Once you start pushing yourself with small things, they’ll quickly become easier and you’ll look towards new and greater challenges. If you see yourself as a business owner somewhere in the future, don’t go at it only to give up after a month because your expectations were irrationally high. That end goal can be achieved but, in order to get there and not burn out, you’ll need a bunch of smaller victories so that you can see and feel the progress. Because of that, start working on what you can solve immediately. Once you solve one small problem you’ll run into a couple more. With those out of the way, larger ones will start to appear. However, all the while you’ll find yourself being useful and productive. Regardless of what you strive to achieve, dealing with smaller tasks ends up having a huge impact in the long run.Of course, don’t forget to reward yourself when necessary. Take a break and enjoy those free porn games every once in a while. Or take that trip that you’ve been planning for so long and looking forward to.