How to Choose 10 or 20 Person Camping Trip Tents

orange camping tent near green trees

There’s nothing more fun than a family outing. To make holidays even more adventurous, it’s a great idea to take the whole family on a camping trip. Sure, camping isn’t for everybody. When some family members have to give up their comfortable beds for a cold tent in the middle of the bushes, it might cause some family drama. That is if you don’t have the right tent of course. 

In order to bring everyone closer together you can invest in a 10-20 people tent. Camping trips can bring the whole family together and has personal benefits. They are so much more adventurous when everybody snuggles up on mattresses under the midnight sky. When you choose the perfect portable accommodation, you and your family will be able to have a dry and comfortable night’s rest. 

With the wide variety of models available on the market, choosing the right one, can be quite a difficult task. Especially if you want it to last for a few camping trips, you have to consider a variety of key factors. 

We’ve conducted a list of all the things you have to think about before choosing a 10-20 people camping trip tent. 



You have to make sure that the size is adequate enough to fit a small army. Many family units come with a few different compartments, that creates a sort of small portable home away from home. 

For tall people you have to consider the height of the tent’s roof. For a comfortable stand. Furthermore, you have to be sure that the tall members of the family will be able to sleep comfortable without being curled up in a ball. 

Click here for a complete tent sizing guide. 

Weather Conditions

What kind of conditions will your tent be able to endure? Some are specifically designed for summer weather, using a lightweight and airy materials. Whilst others are manufactured from thicker materials for winter weather. 

Make sure that you get a model suitable for the weather conditions you will be camping in. Most importantly, would be a kind of fabric that’s at least rain proof.  

blue and white dome tent and camping chairs surrounded by trees

Material Manufacturing

Strongly consider the kind of material the tent is made from, to ensure you have a comfortable stay. Cotton based canvas are usually waterproof but is quite absorbent and can become heavy and damp when it rains. Although they can become heavy, they are long lasting and durable. 

Even though many models claim to be waterproof, there are less expensive brand that compromised this quality. A more expensive unit can be more waterproof than a more affordable one. 

Carefully inspect other parts of the unit’s quality. The zips are frequently used and shouldn’t be broken or stripped. It’s important that a family model has highly durable zippers. Poles should also be made from a durable material that won’t snap or bend with the first wind passing. 

Polyester and nylon are other popular materials to use in the manufacturing of models. A good quality nylon and polyester tent’s seams will be completely sealed. 

Rip-stop fabric is another highly durable and top-quality fabric to look out for. 

Ease of Setting Up

When it comes to larger tents that fit up to 20 people, be sure that it won’t be that easy to set up. If there are loads of connecting poles and pipes, that might need an expert guide and a small army to have a successful assembly, then you might have to reconsider your purchase. 

At all costs, you want to avoid spending hours setting up a huge piece of canvas. There are many brands who create 10 -20 person units that can be instantly set up. Check out this video on setting up the perfect campsite:

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When there’s loads of people breathing in one model, it can become quite stuffy. Make sure that the unit has enough ventilation to avoid horrendous damp mornings and bad aromas. 

A well-designed model will have adequately placed ventilation vents, zip open windows, and doors. 


Luckily if you are traveling with a bunch of people, you’ll have hands to carry the tent around. But do consider the weight of the canvas when it’s all rolled up. Make sure that it will be able to fit on your roof rack or whether you have to transport it in a trailer. Follow credible online purchasing guides like Ryan’s Best Reviews for great large family tent options. 


What extra features do the tent offer? Check whether it has storage pockets, awning, extra canopies or added accessories. Those little extras will add value to your camping experience by making it much more livable and comfortable. 


A family model has much more interior space than a four-seasoned model. Apart from the obvious difference in size there are a few other differences as well. Typically, smaller units have the function of being used for mountaineering and winter backpacking expeditions. They are made from extremely tough materials that are also lightweight to ensure an easy carry around. 

Family units are heavier and are specifically designed for camping outdoors. Its heavy weight is due to its size and different compartments that are attached to the design. Compared to a four-seasoned unit, you don’t have to carry them around. They are made from extremely durable materials. They can’t endure extreme weather conditions, as they aren’t designed to hold a family who is trekking up mount Everest. Read this to learn more about different styles of tents. 

The family unit typically is double walled to create privacy, extra waterproof, and breathability. If you are taking friends and family out camping, it’s better to get a family tent. As they are almost half the price of a four-seasoned unit and have much more room for everyone.  

As long as you consider the above-mentioned key features, you will be able to make the right decision when purchasing the perfect 10-20-person tent for your next camping trip.