HARD Summer Preview

hard summer preview

In the first installment of our HARD Summer preview we discuss one of our favorite acts, Duck Sauce.

Comprised of world class performer, A-Trak and lesser known Armand Van Helden, Duck Sauce is a tour de force of catchy party anthems. While A-Trak’s solo ventures feature more of a technical side of DJing, a feature less present in the currently unfurling wave of electronic musicians, Duck Sauce is purely built for good times.

No stranger to big stages such as Coachella, the duo is a welcome addition to the HARD Summer annual fest. They’ve appeared before and drew a huge audience, it’s too awesome to know we’ll have another opportunity to see them play some serious jams.

We doubt the first major single escaped your ears…

Also, the totally NSFW followup…

As you can see and hear, Duck Sauce is a creative romp into the infectiously fun — it’s the type of music that totally penetrates your psyche and, depending on your feelings, can frustratingly stay stuck on permanent loop within your head. Don’t miss your chance to check out these guys in a live setting, it’s the type of experience you won’t forget anytime soon.

Stay tuned for the next installment in the HARD Summer Preview. Don’t forget to buy your HARD tickets here.