HARD Summer After Party 2013 w/ Destructo and Friends

HARD Summer After Party 2013 w/ Destructo and Friends

For all you EDM fiends out there disappointed HARD Summer ends promptly around 12 am, the official HARD Summer After Party 2013 was made for you.

An extra $40 provides you a hell of a night cap, headlined by Destructo. If you didn’t get a chance to check the full set earlier in the day (we’ll see you at RL Grime), this is a nice option to splurge for.

Oh, and the venue Exchange LA is amazing.

exchange la hard summer after party

Like, really amazing.

destructo hard summer after party 2013

So pack a Red Bull or two and gear up for a red eye with Destructo and friends. Speaking of the ‘friends’ also playing this night, we don’t have specifics but we’re told to expect big things.

Is the HARD Summer After Party Worth It?

Is there a time conflict this year between some of your favorite artists? Did you skip out on purchasing VIP tickets? Are you only attending Saturday? Whether it’s a money issue or missing an artist altogether, you really have nothing to lose by dropping the modest $40 on attending the after party. We think it’s shaping up to be the best part of the night thus far, Dog Blood set aside.

We’ll release somewhat of an official schedule whenever it’s made available for both Saturday and Sunday night. You can also check our official Twitter feed for a recap of what you’re missing Saturday night — Travel Hymns will be in the building.

HARD Summer After Party 2013 Tickets

General Admission : $40 w/ $5 service fee

For bottle service information, birthday specials and more, please call (213) 444-3388 or email vip@exchangela.com

Grab ’em here.