HARD Summer 2013 Trailer, Letter From the Past

Just in case you missed it…

Pretty amazing job from the marketing team behind HARD Presents… The HARD Summer 2013 Trailer has us stoked for what’s sure to be the most fun humanly possible in the month of August.

Right now we’re assembling our team of writers to cover the festival, providing detailed analysis of the entire event. Our head writer, Mindy Parsons, will be taking the responsibility this year. She’s written for a variety of travel sites around the web and we’re thrilled to have her be a part of our team. Just to provide a little insight, here’s a smaller piece she did for the previous HARD Summer after witnessing the greatness of A-Trak.

hard summer 2013 trailerSeeing is believing, A-Trak is potentially the most live DJ the Northern Hemisphere has to offer. 30 minutes was all it took to turn a crowd into believers, those never privy to A-Trak’s live performance. It’s totally remarkable to see the expression on the back row of people after listening to a live performance of A-Trak’s ‘Heads Will Roll’. This is what a world class DJ sounds like.

Much of what A-Trak does is seldom seen in a live setting. Far too much of the electronic music spectrum has gravitated toward producers, the type of people that manufacture good music from the comfort of their studio. A-Trak heralds the old school, his sets relying wholly upon technical skill and improvisation. It’s the best way to take the pulse of the crowd.

Can’t wait to see what she puts together for Duck Sauce.