HARD Summer 2013 Set Times Announced

The official HARD Summer 2013 set times announced are leaving us scrambling to make the best schedule possible. Clearly, sacrifices will be made.

Saturday, August 3rd

HARD Summer 2013 Set Times Announced Saturday August 3

Sunday, August 4th

HARD Summer Schedule Sunday August 4

So how do you maximize your time at the HARD Summer this year? Stay tuned for our editor’s choice schedule, making sure the heartbreaking compromise is kept down to a minimum.

HARD Summer Time Conflicts 2013

Who are we bummed out to be only catching glimpses of or missing altogether? Here’s our short list.

When early evening rolls around, compromises will need to be made. Any artist booked between the 5-7 pm slot will certainly be stretching things pretty thin.

Saturday, we’ll be missing nearly half the Disclosure set in favor of Dog Blood. Why? Because this. It’s slightly heartbreaking as Disclosure put out arguably the most consistent dance record releases of the year. It might also be the only time to see the brothers before they blow up completely. Oh, and Alvin Risk, a veteran of HARD, is caught up in this noise as well.

There’s some definite conflict between TNGHT and Duck Sauce. As a rule of thumb, the bigger the stage they play, the bigger the sound.

Sunday, the cluster fuck that is Gesaffelstein, Azelia Banks, Breakbot and Eats Everything has us crying our eyes out. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for technical delays.