Finding a Voiture De Location Company in France

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You may be excited about your upcoming vacation to France. However, you discovered that taking public transportation may not be the right choice because you’re concerned with your health. Luckily, there are car rentals that can help you tour the city and let you drive to different places in a single day.

However, there are just so many companies out there that it’s challenging to choose which one will suit you best. You need to compare them with the help of sites like and see the current rates that they are offering. Knowing the companies’ contact numbers and location can help you make a wise choice before your trip.

If you are looking for a range of small vehicles because you will be traveling alone, the good news is that economical cars can be perfect for you. For people who are carrying extra luggage because they need to spend a day or two in the country, this will be an ideal opportunity for them to go around the hotels, and they don’t need to leave anything in a specific place. The car rental or Voiture de location in France can be a huge time saver for many travelers.

Even if you’re going with your family, some vans are available for a larger group of people. Your car preferences like manual or automatic will be there, and the prices are very affordable. If you’re looking for ways to find a good rental company, here are some tips that you may find helpful.

Finding the Right Rental Company for Cars

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1. Compare Prices

For some locations, the prices can be higher because of peak seasons. They may be experiencing many requests and bookings for rentals, especially in Paris that it’s hard to get a spare on the day of your arrival. It’s best if you can book early so that the prices will be more affordable regardless of if you’re going to the countryside or the metro. The affordability factor will depend on the length of your hire, season, and day of the week that you’re going to pick-up the vehicle.

2. Newer Cars are Expensive

It’s a given that you may need to pay a premium when you want to get the newer cars. However, there are still advantages, and they may be worth the money because they will be less likely to break down in the middle of nowhere when you’re driving them. Read more about advantages of newer cars on this site here.

You’ll get a cool air conditioner, efficiency, and a beast-like motor that’s racing along the roads. There are also budget-friendly options with manual transmissions and older versions you can get when traveling for leisure.

3. The Size is Important

Vehicles should accommodate your needs wherever you will go. Choose the right size that will fit all of your luggage. If you have friends or family with you, choose a bigger one but ensure that you can drive them through narrow roads. If everyone can’t fit inside with all the luggage, then it may be a good idea to get two vehicles for the trip.

4. Insurance is Always a Good Idea

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What you need for the companies is to have standard insurance that will give you security. In cases of accidents, the insurance will cover the repairs and other costs for the vehicles, and you can also avoid lawsuits. International prices for insurance can vary, but you may need to prepare for the excess.

The pricing for the excess is about $100 to $5000 for insurance. However, this is an extra fee that is only a fraction of the car’s total price in cases of accidents. It’s better to have insurance during your travels because the uncertainty is there.

5. The Place Where You’re Going Matters

Many companies may offer you different prices when you decide to rent. One has the option of going into unlimited kilometers without any extra charge. The other is that you’ll have to pay for every kilometer that you covered during your trip. Usually, the additional kilometers’ daily rates are cheaper, especially if you’re going around the city for sightseeing. Still, you can save more for unlimited kilometers when you’re deciding to cross borders.

6. Fees for Additional Drivers

Ask the company about fees for additional drivers. Some of them won’t mind that the driving will be shared between two people because of a long ride. However, others may be particular about this, and you have to look for the fine print to avoid penalties and fees.

7. Full Tank

Generally, many companies will give you vehicles that already have full tanks of gas. They also expect you to return this with a full tank, or you may be charged an extra amount. There are administration fees to be considered, so better stop at a nearby gas station first before dropping off the vehicle. Fuel price is also expected to be included in the total fees.

8. Extras

You may want to have some extra bits during your trips like booster seats, snow chains, child seats, GPS units, and more. All of these may cost you extra, but if they make your driving easier, then they are certainly worth it. If you decide to get too many extras, you may want to opt for a bundle for added discounts and reduced rates.

9. Assistance on Roadsides

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With the help of AA, you can typically get roadside assistance by calling the company. Tell them your location, and they are offering 24/7 emergency response at no extra costs. They will be there for towing and to help with mechanical trouble whenever necessary. If you’re going to another country in Europe for exploration, you can count on them to call their network of contacts to get the response you need. Flat batteries and tyres are something that you need to inspect beforehand to avoid trouble while on the road and extra fees.

10. Smoking Policy

Many companies are fine when their clients smoke during the car, but most may have stricter policies about this. They may charge you a maintenance and cleaning fee to remove cigarette smoke on the leather seats and the car’s interior to secure the health of their next drivers.

With the right Voiture de location, you can always choose reliable and available car rental providers in various countries. Expect that they will pick you up in your preferred location, or they can give you their address so that you can easily find them during your arrival.