Exploring The Botanical Arts City

Image Credit: Pixabay

St. Albert is one of the largest and most populous areas of Alberta, making it a popular place for relocation among Canadians. The area is extremely close to Edmonton, so St. Albert’s residents can enjoy what both cities have to offer. St. Albert is an extremely historic settlement as well, further adding to its attraction. However, before you purchase one of the St. Albert homes for sale, you probably should look into the area in depth. There are many things that people should know about St. Albert, some are positive while some are negative. Let’s explore the Botanical Arts City. 


St. Albert is a city with a lot of history as it was founded all the way back in 1861. The first building in the area was built by Father Albert Lacombe, a chapel that still stands in the same location today. St. Albert’s long and storied history has left behind several famous historical sites much like Father Lacombe’s original chapel. For example, the city is home to the St. Albert Grain Elevator Park, a location that has two grain elevators that were important to the city’s survival. The grain elevators were an essential part of the local economy and way of life, and today are enshrined as a historical museum. St. Albert also has the Little White Schoolhouse, an old fashioned schoolhouse that residents used decades ago. The schoolhouse shows what education used to be like in the past and illustrates how much things have changed. 


As you can probably guess from the city’s nickname, St. Albert is an area where outdoor life and activities are important to the local culture. The city has lush canopies that shade the streets, and many residents are environmentally conscious and live a sustainable lifestyle. St. Albert’s residents love the outdoors and nature, so it’s no surprise that the city is named the Botanical Arts City. The residents of St. Albert are also well aware of the area’s history and you can see that history manifest itself in various forms. The city has several museums, libraries, and theaters honoring this history and further advancing the local culture. If you’re someone who values the outdoors, sustainability, and the arts, then you’ll fit right in. 


One of the most important things to know about a location before moving there is how the economy is doing. A strong economy means plenty of job opportunities and a lot of job security, things that everyone wants out of their work. Thankfully, St. Albert’s economy is relatively strong. Unemployment is relatively low, and several industries call the region home. In addition, St. Albert residents can also access Edmonton jobs and opportunities thanks to the two cities’ close proximity. If you plan on moving to St. Albert, then you’ll be moving into a strong local economy with plenty of career opportunities. 

EntertainmentWhen it comes to entertainment options, St. Albert still has plenty to offer. As mentioned before, there are plenty of theaters and museums that residents can visit. Locations like these provide entertainment value, but they can also be educational and provide a sense of culture. St. Albert also has dozens of miles of hiking trails around the city. Since St. Albert is known as the Botanical Arts city, it’s no surprise that keeping these nature trails clean and maintained is a priority for the community. Even though St. Albert has plenty of entertainment options on its own if residents ever get bored or are looking for something new they can always make the short trip to Edmonton for some new experiences.