Diving Into The Best Culinary Destinations Around The Globe

Taking a look at today’s top culinary destinations for giving your tastebuds a vacation. How to find the best food and top restaurants the world has to offer.

Vacation use in America is at its highest level in the past 7 years. More people are making travel arrangements to experience new attractions, sights, and adventures. 

But let’s not forget about the food… Even a novice foodie knows that indulging in authentic cuisine is one of the best aspects of a vacation.  

So, which international spots offer the best travel experience for your taste buds? Read on to learn more about the best culinary destinations around the globe. 

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is one of the top food travel destinations in the world. It’s also one of the best places to enjoy sushi.

This is due to Tokyo’s deep ties to fresh seafood and master sushi-making skills. You’ll find this food everywhere from street carts to fine dining establishments. The Toyosu Fish Market is also a hot-spot for sushi. 

Other Tokyo favorites include fresh bread buns and tempura. A similar dish called Tendon features fried vegetables and seafood. 

A trip to Tokyo should also include a hot bowl of ramen. This fragrant noodle soup also includes eggs, pork, nori, and traditional vegetables.

Dipping noodles are another variety of this popular dish. Instead, the soup liquid and noodles are served separately. You’ll also find plenty of soba and udon noodle dishes to enjoy. 

While in Toyko, be sure to try their many types of sake and hot tea. A few popular restaurants include Kotaro, Matsuei, DEN, and GEM by Moto. 

Barcelona, Spain 

Most people who travel to Barcelona come for the paella. This seafood favorite features fresh fish, clams, prawns, or shrimps. It’s served atop toasted rice or some restaurants substitute the rice for noodles.  

Popular tapas include bread topped with crushed tomatoes, olive oil, and garlic. Escalivada is a dish that features bread topped with grilled peppers and eggplant. Travelers also enjoy blistered Padron peppers.  

Bombas are another popular tapas item in Barcelona. These are fried potato croquettes filled with beef or pork. They are served with spicy red sauce or garlic aioli. 

Manchego cheese is another must-have in Barcelona. It’s best enjoyed with a chilled glass of cava wine or sangria.   

Mató is a popular soft goat’s milk cheese. It makes for a favorite dessert with nuts and honey added on. Churros dipped in caramel or chocolate are another popular dessert option.  

Travelers should also visit the famous Boqueria Market. Barcelona has plenty of food festivals as well. These events offer live music, food trucks, and cooking classes.  

Favorite local restaurants include The Paella Club, La Cova Fumada, and Disfrutar. Tickets in Barcelona is considered one of the best restaurants worldwide. It’s headed by the famed chef, Albert Adrià and it’s hard to score reservations here. 

Bangkok, Thailand 

Bangkok remains the most popular city to visit, according to Mastercard. Thailand’s capital offers one of the most unique street food experiences.

Try their authentic Kaprow dish. It includes fish or meat served in a rice-style dish and flavored with basil.  

When in Bangkok, be sure to communicate how spicy you want your food. Asking for it Thai-style offers full heat.  

Try Kanom Bueang for a new take on delicious crispy pancakes. They are served with toppings like egg, scallion, or coconut. Other dishes include papaya salad, blue crab salad, and spicy duck salad. 

Moo Ping is another local favorite and features marinated grilled pork on a stick. Bangkok also has tons of different noodle varieties to choose from. These include wonton, rice river noodle, and glass noodle. 

Nahm, Khua Kling Pak Sod, and Err are a few of the top restaurants in Thailand. 

Florence, Italy

The capital of the Tuscany region is home to many sprawling vineyards, perfect for a Tuscan wine tour. It’s also one of the best culinary destinations for people to buy a vacation property. The location sees a great deal of cash home buyers come from all over the world. 

While visiting, you must try the Florentine steak, called bistecca alla Fiorentina. This large t-bone style steak is lightly seasoned and served rare.  

Some of the best appetizers are meat and cheese platters. This is most often with salami and prosciutto. Another great choice is Tuscan crostini bread with liver paté. 

Many people come to Florence for the fresh pappardelle pasta. This dish is often served in a flavorful ragu sauce. Chefs are known to experiment with rabbit, wild boar, and truffles in their dishes.   

Enjoy a croissant for breakfast, either plain or filled with chocolate, jam, or cream. This is best served with an espresso, cappuccino, or macchiato. You’ll also want to save room for handmade gelato for dessert. 

Mercato Centrale is a popular indoor food market to visit. Check out Sud on the first floor of the market for an excellent pizza.  Great restaurants to visit include Regina Bistecca, Borgo San Jacopo, and Il Guscio.  

Paris, France

Paris is one of the most renowned food travel locales in the world. Travelers rave about their decadent chocolate-filled croissants for breakfast. It’s also the perfect place to dine on cheese and fresh bread, paired with fine French wines.  

Popular Parisian appetizers include frog legs, escargot, and foie gras. For an unforgettable entree try the Coq Au Vin, steak and frites, or a duck dish. 

French crepes are a popular pancake-style food. These can be enjoyed savory or sweet, with Nutella, cream, or chocolate.  

The Croque Monsieur is France’s classic take on the ham and cheese sandwich. Macarons are another must-have while in Paris. Try these delicate cookies in a variety of flavors from Laduree. 

Popular dining hotspots include L’Office, Spring, Le Severo, and Comice. 

Mendoza, Argentina

Mendoza is known for its Malbec wine, which pairs well with many of their dishes.   

Mendoza is also ideal for meat-eaters. You’ll find plenty of grilled beef, pork, rabbit, lamb, and goat on the menu. These meats are often served with flavorful sauces like chimichurri. 

Blood sausage served atop fresh bread is another dish that’s worth a try. A popular appetizer is a thin-sliced beef tongue with a light vinaigrette. 

Empanadas are their traditional fried pastries. These are filled with ingredients like meat, onion, cheese, and spices. 

While visiting, you must try dulce de leche. This is a soft milk caramel that makes an appearance in almost any Argentinian dessert. Popular Mendoza restaurants include Los Chocos, Barloa, and La Posada del Jamon.  

Taking a Trip to the Best Culinary Destinations

From Tokyo to Paris, there is no shortage of impressive dishes and creative chefs. These locations offer some of the best culinary destinations around the world. Here travelers can gain new experiences and indulge in authentic and unique cuisine.   

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