Dive Bars Close to HARD Summer 2013

hop louie dive barsFinding the perfect dive bars within the Los Angeles area can present a real challenge. I’ve known more than a few people who totally resign to paying for expensive drinks when they’re in LA, purely based out of laziness. Are you attending HARD Summer 2013? There’s the perfect neighborhood stop just .2 miles away, little place called Hop Louie.

Hop Louie — The Crown Jewel of HARD Dives

950 Mei Ling Way

Located within the same district as LA Historic Park, Hop Louie is a run of the mill Chinese restaurant from the outside. The exterior makes it look a bit dated but the place inside has been more recently updated. It’s actually quite cozy on the inside, ample space for you and few mates to saddle up to the bar and order a few drinks before/after the show. The prices are incredibly reasonable.

While the Chinese food isn’t exactly anything life altering, it definitely hits the spot after a long day standing in the California sun. If you’re craving Chinese food this can certainly scratch the itch for you. Hop Louie has sort of developed itself the reputation as one of the hole in the wall dive bars in the area thanks to the young crowds that show up in droves around the actual venues. You get your bang for your buck here — tons of food and cheap beverages. It’s a nice reprieve from the %5 PBR’s they typically sell within HARD Summer.

Take a little detour to Chinatown and become acquainted with one of the best dive bars around LA!

Nirvana Sports Bar & Grill

314 E 1st St

Located about a mile out from LA Historic Park, Nirvana Sports Bar & Grill is worth the walk if you’re looking to take in a little baseball or reasonably priced drinks. Yje food is actually pretty delicious itself, Nirvana receiving plenty of great reviews online. While the karaoke can actually be obnoxious at times, it shouldn’t overlap any drinking you do in the early afternoon. Coming here late at night? That’s a different story.

The staff is friendly and used to keeping up with the madhouse that is HARD Summer patrons — fortunately it’s never packed elbow to elbow. If you’re looking to save a few bucks on alcohol and intend to hit the beer gardens early, we definitely recommend bringing your group through Nirvana Sports Bar & Grill.