Discover Curacao, the Caribbean’s Hidden Gem

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When we think about idyllic tourist places, we all think about the Caribbean and its breathtaking areas. However, one place in the Caribbean that has managed to fall out of the mainstream radar is Curacao. Located north of the Venezuelan coast, this small island with a Dutch touch has everything you could wish for your next summer holidays.

Caribbean with a Dutch twist

Curacao is a beautiful island located in the Caribbean Sea. The island is part of the Dutch Caribbean region, meaning its land is officially part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Because of this, the island’s main characteristic would be its traditional Dutch style buildings colourfully painted in traditional Caribbean fashion.

The island has an extension of 444 km2, with a lot of charming corners and nature. We recommend that you acquire the services of a rental cars Curacao company in order to be able to fully explore the island. 

Curacao’s habitants will make you feel very welcome during your stay. Most Curacao habitants speak Spanish, Dutch, English and Papiamento, so communication will not be an issue. 

It does not matter the time of the year when you are planning to visit Curacao, the island is colourful and full of life the whole year round

Exploring Curacao

Curacao may be a small island, but it certainly has a lot to offer. Nature, breathtaking beaches, beautiful monuments, outdoor activities… It does not matter what you are looking to enjoy during your next holidays, Curacao has you covered. Some things you can not miss during your Curacao visit include:


Willemstad is Curacao’s capital city. In this beautiful city, we will be able to see Curacao’s classic architecture with tall colourful buildings in traditional Dutch style. The city is full of narrow charming streets, with lots of monuments waiting to be discovered. Some interesting places and monuments you can not miss in Willemstad include Brion Square, Kura Hulanda’s Museum, Otrobanda Rif Fort, the governor’s palace, the floating market, the Postal Museum, the Maritime Museum, Waterford fountains and Fort Amsterdam. 

Willemstad also has many coffee shops and restaurants where you will be able to try Curacao’s traditional meals


The most popular beaches in Curacao are located in the southern part of the island. Among the tourist’s favourites, we can find:

  • Blue bay: This beach is perfect for families travelling with kids.
  • Sea Aquarium: this beach is perfect for a family day. It is located next to an aquarium and has lots of bars and shops nearby. This beach has palm trees, white sand and crystal clear shallow waters, making it perfect for kids to swim and play around making sand castles.
  • Caracasbaai: this beach is especially recommended to those looking to practice water sports like snorkel or scuba diving, since it is part of Curacao’s underwater park. 
  • Cas Abao: this white sand beach has lots of palm trees, restaurants and shops. Its crystal clear waters are deeper than those at Sea Aquarium, making it a more recommended place for adults or avid swimmers.
  • Jan Thiel: this beach has a closed area with a swimming pool and water park for children to play in. 

Hiking on Christoffel Park

North of Willemstad we can find Christoffel Park, Curacao’s biggest national park. This national park has a very rich biodiversity and impressive landscapes. There are routes to explore the park either by car or by foot, but we recommend you take the hiking alternatives. Climbing up to the top of Christoffel mountain will allow you to experience some stunning panoramic views of the whole park. Overall, this is the perfect place to go if you want to spend your day outdoors surrounded by nature. 

Near this park, you will also be able to find the national park of Shete Boka, the reproduction habitat of three different species of turtles.