D.C. Serves Up Delicious Dishes

Washington D.C. is famous for its historic landmarks, but it also has some great restaurants. Visitors have a lot of options to choose from and there is a restaurant for every type of foodie.

Oya Restaurant & Lounge


Courtesy of luxeinacity.com

Oya Restaurant and Lounge is a very fancy option with a menu full of innovative dishes. The elegant restaurant, decorated with white leather and mirrors, gives diners the ultimate dining experience. The menu includes delicious cocktails, sushi and dishes like the hamachi jalapeno sushi roll, Lobster mac and more.

Rogue 24


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Rogue 24 is a fun and unique restaurant where guests can watch chefs prepare their food in an open kitchen in the middle of the dining area. To add suspense and drama to your dinner, the menu is delivered after the meal. The restaurant serves up creative dishes like liquid chicken. Their cocktails are also unique and are infused with a roto-evaporator. Rogue 24 offers 3-course, 5-course and even 10-course meals.

Maple Ave Restaurant

Maple Ave Restaurant a small place with a menu full of big flavor. The food is a blend of Asian, Latin American and French food. The well-known restaurant serves a delicious brunch on the weekends that includes oyster mushroom omelets and almond ricotta pancakes. They serve lunch and dinner during the week with a menu that includes seasonal dishes like beer-braised beef cheek or saffron chicken.



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Graffiato serves authentic Italian food in a chic and high-energy atmosphere. The restaurant is located in D.C’s Chinatown and opened in 2008. The menu is complete with delicious pizzas and pastas. The 2nd floor of Graffiato is a ham bar where guests can watch prosciutto be made.