Coachella Presale 2014

How Fast Does the Coachella Presale 2014 Sell Out?

coachella presale 2014

Seems like only yesterday was the annual Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, but here we go again. It’s already time to prepare your wallet for the Coachella Presale 2014.

If you’re leaning toward attending Coachella next year, the presale event is your best opportunity to secure that ability. In our own experiences, we’ve had better success purchasing Coachella tickets during presale than when tickets are actually officially being sold following the official lineup release.

Are you a little tight on money right now? Take advantage of the Coachella payment plan. The Coachella Purchase Plan is only available through the advance sale. Here are the details.

Sample payment planĀ schedule for one (1) GA pass atĀ $349

20% Down Payment in May 2013 = $69.80
First Week of July – $48.86
First Week of August – $48.86
First Week of September – $45.37
First Week of October – $45.37
First Week of November – $45.37
First Week of December – $45.37

Roughly $70 sets you on pace for the 2014 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. It’s worth noting you can pay off the remaining balance of your ticket at anytime following the down payment — this is helpful for those that would rather not see a chunk of their monthly income debited from their account for the remainder of this year.

Any advice for the Coachella Presale 2014?

If you’re unfamiliar with how Coachella purchases work, time is of the essence. Go to the Coachella site directly to setup your account immediately, choosing which weekend you’d prefer.

  • Weekend 1 almost always sells out faster. If you don’t have a preference on either weekend, your best bet is starting with weekend 2.
  • Call your bank ahead of time to ensure your billing address matches up. Sort out bank issues during the sale and you’ll be left empty handed.
  • Have a friend purchasing with you? Coordinate your efforts. Connect with them during presale and whomever accesses the purchase information first can reserve both tickets. Pay them back accordingly, don’t be a bum!
  • Refresh, refresh, refresh the ticket cue. Sometimes it takes awhile to be admitted, have patience.
  • Cross your fingers, good luck!