Coachella Prep & Survival, Styling Out

coachella prep backpack

Today in Coachella prep we take a look at camping onsite. Prepare for the time of your life – and also very little sleep.

The first year I went to Coachella I camped onsite. To me, there’s no better way to take in the entire festival – better or worse – than camping just outside the festival grounds. It’s a vibrant community of people that are generally the friendliest people you could ever hope to spend an entire weekend with. Nothing beats seeing an amazing artist one moment and then walking back to your tent for a cold beer and something to eat the next.

Coachella Prep is your chance to style!

But as we’ve learned in the Coachella prep feature, camping is not for the faint of heart. Limited amounts of sleep has a tendency to make even the most bubbly human beings pretty grouchy. There’s only so many energy drinks to keep you on your feet and ready for the next show before you might experience a full collapse.

While the festival does have a noise curfew, you can pretty much expect that to be skirted within a few isolated camping spots. If you’re a light sleeper, expect to receive about 5 hours of sleep a night if you’re taking in the festival till the final act.

But Coachella prep is about planning for the inevitable challenges. Make sure you take plenty of vitamins, including B12 which acts as a natural way to keep your body responding. Also, if there’s a chunk of festival you’re okay with missing, there’s few better times for a power nap than after the sun goes down and the entire ground is deserted. You’ll thank yourself later.

That’s it for Coachella prep. Now the good stuff…