Choosing the Right Camper for a Trip in Hampshire

We often feel the need to take a break and go for a long road trip for several weeks or on weekends. In this case, a camp vehicle will help you get around all these places you want to visit. 

Camp vehicles allow you to travel with a lot of comfort, and you are free to use your itinerary. When choosing a suitable camp van, you should consider its features and its size too. 

Consider the elements of a trailer that cannot be changed or altered and are within your budget. Here are some factors to consider while choosing a camp van. Click here to find out more.

  • Number of travellers

You should choose a camp vehicle depending on the number of people going for the trip. If you have a large number of people, then you should choose a bigger vehicle to ensure they are all comfortable. 

A large group of people in a small car can be challenging because of the vehicle’s physical arrangement. It is advisable to put into consideration the layout of the vehicle for a comfortable stay. 

You should ensure that the vehicle has a bed for each person. You should also remember to confirm that there is a seatbelt for every passenger.

  • Experience on the road

If you are choosing a camping van for the first time, selecting the biggest vehicle might not be a good option for you. You should consider;

  • The transmission of the car; if the vehicle is automatically or manually transmitted.
  • The weight and height of the vehicle.
  • If you can easily park the van.

When you choose a car that is easy to drive, it will be easy for you to get around, avoiding unnecessary stress. Make sure you have a great understanding of the traffic rules and road signs in case you are driving in a foreign country.

  • Fuel

Across the world, diesel is readily available compared to petrol. Engines that run using diesel are less liable to less fuel quality. 

The engines are also cheaper and easy to maintain. In connection to this, you should choose diesel engines as they satisfy your needs and wants because of the low cost of maintenance. Petrol engine vehicles are also suitable, but they are scarce and expensive. 

It is important to ask before hiring. Find more questions you can also ask here 

  • Its capabilities

In this case, it depends on where you are planning to visit that is on the right tarmac road or you intend to drive off the road. 

A 2-wheel drive is affordable compared to a 4×4, which is more expensive to purchase or hire. If you choose to use a two-wheel drive van, then you should select the appropriate route to follow while you are traveling. 

However, a 4×4 wheel drive does not limit the route you intend to use as it can move on either tarmac road or lousy weather roads.

  • Spare parts

You should consider the availability of spare parts of your van in the places you are going to visit. Choose a trailer whose spare parts are readily available in the areas you will visit in case the van breaks down. It will make it easy for you when you get stuck as you will be able to easily source out the needed spare parts.

  • Insurance

You should consider a type of insurance which you will be able to pay for and also what the insurance covers. 

The right insurance will cover eventualities in case there is an accident. Some insurance might not cover all the damages. 

Therefore, it is advisable to take extra cover to protect yourself in case of extreme circumstances. Choose a well-maintained vehicle and ensure that the company offers a 24 hours road assistance.

  • Your Budget

While choosing a van, make sure you hire one that is within your budget. The prices of the vehicle are determined by the available amenities in the car, for example, toilets and bathrooms. 

They say you get what you pay for. What I mean is that you might choose a cheaper vehicle, and its features are not favorable. Choose a van with great features for a comfortable stay.


When choosing a campervan, you should ask for advice and ask for people’s experience with specific vehicles. Consider the features of a van that cannot be changed or altered and are within your budget. Ones in a while, it’s healthy to plan for weekends getaway or camping. The factors I have mentioned above will guarantee you a comfortable and an enjoyable stay at your campsite.