Chartering A Yacht 101: What You Need To Know

Last summer you took our advice and booked a holiday nearer to home and enjoyed everything Brighton has to offer. While it was nice to not have to travel far, this next holiday you are ready for a little more adventure.

A vacation to the sunny Bahamas is always a great idea. Booking a yacht to see the islands is an even better one! 

Everybody deserves a little luxury in their life once in a while. And while you may not be able to afford to buy a yacht, you can book a charter with a full crew and live the life of Riley for your next vacation.

It is not your typical vacation so there requires a bit of planning and knowing what to expect to make the most of it.

In this article, I will go over some of the basics when it comes to chartering a yacht.

Why charter a yacht?

Imagine living the life that was only reserved for the rich and famous for a week or more. Mooring up in a quaint bay with a staff taking care of your every need. Snorkeling whenever you feel like. Five star meals while you watch the sunset.

There are so many reasons to book a yacht with freedom being at the top of the list. You decide when and where to go. It’s up to you how long to stay in town or when to shove off and steam into the sunset. 

It costs far less than you would expect to have the vacation of your dreams. Take a look at Bahamas Bareboat charter and I think you will be surprised at the affordable prices. 

Customize your trip

Your yacht will come with a crew and a captain, but you are the one in charge. 

You set the menu after consulting with the chef. They will craft your meals according to your tastes. If you have any preferences, allergies or simply foods you don’t like, they will make sure you enjoy everything. That level of personalized meals is not available any other way.

The captain will ask you when and where you want to go. You are the one deciding on things and the captain simply makes your desires a reality. There is no schedule that needs to be followed. It’s up to you.

Personal 5 Star luxury

We are talking about a yacht here. This is not just a mode of getting from A to B. There is everything you need to feel comfortable. The rooms are comfortable and elegant. Sometimes you can even have one with a pool or a sauna. 

You won’t just have the comforts of home. You’ll have even more comfort than you can imagine. Unless you have a staff at home that is always ready to make you a drink or is cleaning your room after you. 

What’s your budget?

Yachts are available for various budgets from a few thousand pounds per week to several tens of thousands per week. 

It all depends on how much luxury you want with your yacht. The more you spend, the more amenities you will have. Larger yachts have pools and plenty of space to move around. A lower budget will have less amenities yet, still be very comfortable.

Inclusive charters

One thing to consider about the price is that sometimes the cost listed is simply for the use of the yacht and the crew. You may need to pay for fuel, food and drink separately.

If you would rather not have to check your wallet every time you hear the engine kick on, or when you’d like a drink, then going inclusive is the way to go. 

When you don’t do inclusive, expect to have to pay 30 to 40% of the cost of the yacht up front in addition to the actual cost. This is to cover expenses and whatever isn’t used will be returned at the end of the charter.

Check the weather

Some cruise ships will head out to sea in conditions that smaller boats can’t manage. So if there is any hint at bad weather, your charter may not happen.

In the Bahamas and Caribbean, there are times of the year when hurricanes are a threat and should be avoided. Plan times when there is likely to be calm seas. Expect some rain and maybe delays even during calm season. Usually, it rains for a bit and then clears up quickly, however.