Can I Actually Purchase Quality CBD Oil Online?

Many people think there’s no way to purchase high-quality CBD oil online. Instead, people visit local shops, trying to find the best CBD oil available in these stores. However, these efforts are often in vain. That’s because it’s definitely possible for you to purchase high-quality CBD oil online. You just need to know how to look for it.

The Myth of Needing to Buy Local CBD

There are a number of reasons the myth of needing to buy CBD online persists. Some people who buy CBD only in person mistakenly assume that a company can’t ship CBD oil. Because states regulate CBD oil differently, they assume, it’s impossible to ship over state lines. Although this can add extra complications, it’s actually not true — many CBD retailers ship over state lines.

It’s also a popular myth that only low-quality CBD retailers sell online. According to this myth, the only way to get high-quality CBD is to purchase it in a store. Again, this isn’t true. Many manufacturers sell both in stores and online. The only way to get high-quality CBD is actually to check quality for yourself.

Will CBD Oil Be Cheaper Online?

Because many of the CBD oil manufacturers you find online will be selling the same thing as your local CBD store, you may wonder whether the oil you find online will be cheaper than the one you find in stores. There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to that; it varies depending on the manufacturer.

Some manufacturers may charge a retail markup when selling products in store. However, some may keep products at the same price. It’s also important to note that some manufacturers may offer coupons on their websites, and some local stores may offer local coupons. The only way to know for sure is to check.

The Most Important Indicators of Quality CBD Oil Online

No matter where you’re purchasing it, you’re going to have to subject your CBD oil provider to strict scrutiny. You don’t want to take anything as a supplement if you don’t know where it came from and you don’t know whether it’s pure.

How can you know whether the CBD oil you’re purchasing online is high-quality? Here are some things to look out for.

  • A Clean Website

A company that’s willing to invest in its storefront is a company that’s more likely to invest in its product. When it comes to an online store, the company’s storefront is its website. Is the website easy to navigate? Does the web copy look professionally written? Can you check out easily? These are all good signs.

  • Community Trust

How does the community feel about the company you’re considering making a purchase from? If a company’s been around for a fairly long time, it’s likely that it’s built up a reputation among people who use CBD. That reputation may be good or bad, but either way, it’s something you should pay attention to when you’re making your purchase.

  • Third-Party Testing 

One of the best ways to determine whether or not a company produces high-quality products is to see whether you can gain access to third-party batch testing results. If the company doesn’t offer third-party batch results, or they’re shady about where you can get them, it’s more likely that you’re dealing with a low-quality company.


Clearly, you can purchase high-quality CBD oil online. The only question is, where should you purchase it? Charlotte’s Web is a great place to buy CBD oil online because it meets all the criteria for a high-quality website. The company maintains a great reputation in the community, has an easy to use website, and offers third party batch analysis. If you want to get CBD oil online, look no further than Charlotte’s Web.