Burning Man Prep, Eating Smart in the Desert

burning man prep foodAnother critical area for consideration in your Burning Man prep is eating with intelligence. Yes, you’re going to be contending with the elements of the desert for nearly a week – that means dry foods will be your best friend out in the Black Rocks.

This isn’t a simple process despite what you might think, one of the more difficult elements to your Burning Man prep in actuality. Many dry foods contain plenty of sodium, too much consumed will actually cause you to be dehydrated. The trick here is finding the right balance so you’re not yo-yoing the entire afternoon and trying to stay conscious from the heat. That may sound like exaggeration, but I assure you it’s not!

Burning Man Prep: Eating Smart in the Desert

Look for food items that have a low sodium content. Generally you’ll find everything you bring with you for food has a certain level of sodium contained within, so you’ll really have no problem getting some. A little bit of sodium can actually help hydrate your body, but you never want to be taking it in excessively.

Make nutrition a major aspect of your Burning Man prep and you’ll have an easier time staying outside of the medical tent! Keep sending me more simple nutrition tips to include on the site and I’ll make sure to share the best ones.