Bonnaroo Fashion

Bonnaroo Fashion

Bonnaroo Clothes Through 2013

Looking for some Bonnaroo Fashion tips? Our personal style selection is rooted deep within the folk traditions that made Bonnaroo a staple of the US music festival circuit.

Apart from other major US music festivals Coachella and Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo is a bit more rustic and grungy. Bonnaroo takes places in the countryside, so we suggest you dress in accordance bearing in mind the sensational temperatures in play.

Free-spirit aesthetic is open to interpretation here, but the key is always comfort. We suggest you bring along your rattiest t-shirts and grungier denim articles. Unique pairings are a lot of fun here – get creative with it. The style of dress is generally a peg or two below that of Coachella and different east coast fests. The right pair of boots will set you right.

You never want to dress too over the top here — it’s hardly worth the discomfort you’ll experience in the sweltering afternoons. We personally think there’s a variety of ways to wear your look without exposing yourself to the elements in play in the hot southern sun. Longer skirts can certainly present themselves an obstacle depending on the afternoons, but be willing to take a hit for fashion in places if that’s your type of scene.