Best Spots For Shark Diving

Shark Week just wrapped up so what better time to go travel the world and go shark cage diving? It is the best way to see sharks up-close and personal in their own habitat. You see people doing it on Shark Week, but experienced divers can also have the chance to swim with sharks. Here are some of the best spots to go shark cage diving!

Gansbaai, South Africa

Great White

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Gansbaai in South Africa has been referred to as the great white shark capital of the world. It is the premiere location to go cage diving with sharks. Most television documentaries about great whites have actually been filmed at this spot. It will give you a thrilling experience and is the top spot for anyone who wants to get up close to great whites. There are a lot of seasoned and knowledgeable people who run the business, so it is really the ideal spot to go.

Guadalupe Island, Mexico

Guadalupe Island in Mexico is also a top viewing spot for great white sharks. It has become really popular in the last 12 years or so. The water is crystal-clear so the visibility is incredible. The water temperature is around 67 to 72 degrees so it is nice and warm. It is a beautiful and pleasant spot to go look at sharks and is also a prime spot for big-game fishing.

Neptune Islands, South Australia

Another nice great white viewing spot is Neptune Islands in South Australia. The area has a large population of sea lions so great whites are in this spot hunting year round. The water is very clean and clear, which makes the experience even better. It also is home to an ideal backdrop for photos and viewing sharks.

Tiger Beach, Bahamas

Tiger Shark

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Tiger Beach in the Bahamas is the top viewing spot in the world for tiger sharks. Tiger sharks are very unique sharks and are really cool to see in person. Most of the expeditions guarantee up-close sightings of these toothy creatures that can grow up to 16 feet.