Best Places to Go Whale Watching In Antarctica Cruises

It’s always a good experience to go out for a break or vacation. There are so many destinations worldwide you would like to explore. Have you tried whale watching? It is a fantastic experience to watch a whale surfacing through the water. The best site is seeing the whales splashing water from their blowholes. Moreover, it is even more exciting to see the whales swimming back to the water with a flick of their flukes.

You may choose to watch online videos. However, what you see directly is even more exciting. It would be an even better view to watch it on the Antarctica Cruises. The whale is a giant majestic creature in the ocean. It, therefore, needs a good view so you can see the whole beast. It will be best to watch them from the top of the cruise or a small boat. Additionally, Antarctica is home to several types of whales to be seen across its various oceans. 

The Southern Ocean

The Southern Ocean has many species of whale. It is commonly known for being a good hunting ground for a whale. People hunt whales for many reasons. One of the reasons is valuable and rare oil. The oil is a thick layer of blubber that is responsible for keeping whales alive in icy waters. The other reason is that whale meat is a luxury meat in other countries.

During the 19th century, meat and whale oil were in high demand. Hunters would come to the Southern Ocean to hunt the whales. The common whale hunted around this area is the Southern right whale. The whale got its name from this event. Unfortunately, this expedition made some of the whale species become extinct. Until today, the number of whales has not gone higher in this area. At this point, the tourist can witness the impact of the previous whaling era.

The Drake Passage

The Drake Passage is on your way to the Southern Ocean. It’s believed that the whales moved to this area to hide from the hunters. It is because this is the area you will first spot the whales. It is possible, especially when using an Antarctic cruise. The whale can pop up any time around this area. The best way to notice is when you see a heart-pumping movement around the sea.

The common species of whales around here are five. These include the humpback whale, minke whale, orcas, southern right whale, and the blue whale. The best time to watch the whales is between February and March. The whales come around this area more frequently during those months. Also, during this month, the cruise is cheaper. They are, therefore, making it more affordable to move around Antarctica. Moreover, the weather is warm around that month. Consequently, it makes chances of fewer ice blocks.

Antarctica Peninsula

The Antarctic Peninsula is at the far north of Antarctica’s mainland. It is also the only place on the continent that has an extension. The extension is beyond the Antarctic Circle. The Peninsula has a summer melting season. As a result, most mammals come here to breed.

It is, therefore, a favorable breeding ground for the whale. It thus makes it an excellent spot to go whale watching because most of the whales are around the area. Most of the whale species around the area include the humpback whale. The minke whale and the orca are also some of the common whales around the area.

In Conclusion

Antarctica has a large sea covering. Therefore there are various spots for whale watching. When you plan to come for whale watching, ensure you have a camera. It is because you will take a lot of photos around the area. The whales love coming out of the sea. It will be best to watch them at the top of a cruise. It is so that you can have a clear view of them.