Beach Vacation List: Essential Things to Carry

There is something irresistible about a beach vacation – the vast ocean, the sun, the white sand, and everything nice that beaches have to offer. 

You don’t need much to enjoy the beach. However, whether you are visiting the magnificient Amafi coast in Italy or or the more relaxed Anse Source d’Agent in Southwest of La Digue, you can make the experience better by bringing supplies that will help you take full advantage of the fun while also protecting you from possible complications. 

Here is an overview of seven essential things to carry next time you take a beach vacation: 


The sun is one of the best things about going to the beach. It is always out and shining, having a mesmerizing effect on the ocean water and the white sand. More importantly, the warm sunrays feel great on the skin – and you can strip down to the bare-minimums and take it all in. 

However, the sun is known to emit harmful UV sunrays. To this end, too much exposure to the sun increases the risk of effects such as sunburns. As such, it is advisable to bring lots of sunscreens. More importantly, make sure that you apply the sunscreen all over your body before basking and each time you go into the water. 

On that note, don’t forget to bring a skin moisturizer, as the hot and humid hair can dehydrate your skin. Bottom line: bring any ointments you need to maintain your good looks. 

Leave-In Hair Conditioner 

Your skin is not the only part of your body at risk when relaxing at the beach – your hair is on the line, too. Hair is fragile, and prolonged exposure to the sun, sand, and salty wind can cause ugly damages. 

The sun’s harmful UV sunrays can cause structural damages to the hair follicles. The corrosive sand can also cause friction that can potentially break the follicles. Last but not least, the salty water and air can such the moisture out of the hair follicles. All of these effects result in weaker, dryer, and ugly hair. 

As such, it is advisable to use a leave-in hair conditioner before hitting the beach. It is also advisable to cover overly-sensitive hair, especially when lying down on the sand and getting into the water. 

Waterproof Phone Case 

Does your smartphone go everywhere you go? You will want it with you at the beach to stay up to date with current developments. It will also come in handy for taking pictures memorizing your vacation. However, you should be warned that the fine sand and ocean water are bad for smartphones, and they can cause irreparable damages. As such, it is advisable to bring a waterproof phone case. 

A waterproof phone case is designed to protect your phone from sand and water. It also features a touch-sensitive material that makes it possible to use the phone without taking it out of the casing. This means that you can even take your phone into the water and take underwater selfies. 

Portable Charger 

A smartphone (or any other device) at the beach is only useful as long as it is operational. However, you can only use your device at the beach for a few hours, depending on its battery’s capacity. The disappointment of a dying battery will dampen the fun and effectively cut you off from the rest of the world, and this will ruin the beach vacation experience. 

As such, it is prudent to bring a portable charger. It is also advisable to use your devices sparingly – take some time to enjoy the cool wind and warm sand. 

Cooler Bag 

Nothing feels fun when you are thirsty and hungry – not even time spent at the world’s best bitches. You cannot count on the vendors and restaurants at the beach to serve what you want. It would be easier, quicker, and cheaper to bring your own drinks and snacks. This is why it is always prudent to bring a cooler bag. 

A cooler bag is useless if it doesn’t contain the snacks and drinks you need to keep your taste buds tantalized. As such, pack your favorite snacks and drinks – and take it slow on the beer. On that note, it is also advisable to bring a filtered water bottle in case you run out of bottled water and have to refill from the local supply. 

Hand-Held Fan 

The sun gets quite hot at some point, and the unbearable heat can make the beach feel like an oven. An umbrella can only do so much to protect you from the beach’s scorching-hot sun. As such, it is prudent to bring a rechargeable, hand-held fan to keep you cool. It will keep you cool, regardless of how high the temperatures rise. 

Final Thoughts 

The beach is the ideal vacationing getaway: it is beautiful, serene, and feels liberating. As such, make the most of this experience by bringing all the supplies you need for a comfortable time on the white sand.