Baybeats Expected to Rock Singapore

Many people don’t think of attending a music festival in Singapore. But everyone should put attending Baybeats on their bucket list because Singapore’s music festival is guaranteed to please.

The 2015 Baybeats Music Festival starts rocking on June 26th and lasts for three days. You can catch genres like folk, pop, metal, punk and pretty much anything you can think of. The festival hosts a lot of big local bands, but there are not too many well-known international bands. It is actually a really cool place to go to check out emerging artists and to listen to some great local music.


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There are five different places to catch the acts. On Friday, you can see Anise, Linying, Cadence and more. On Saturday, Caracal, Riot in Magenta, Young, Cesspit, Oversleep Excuse and much more will be performing on Saturday. Closing out the festival on Sunday will be Intriguant, Exhibitors, She’s Only Sixteen and you can also see some bands that you might have missed the previous days.


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One of the best things about the festival isn’t just the music, but the Festival Village. The Village is where you can find a wide variety of local entrepreneurs and crafters. This place really brings the community together.

There may not be too many bands you recognize, but they all will put on a terrific show. It is a really good festival to attend to catch some bands you have not heard of. It is also a great place to go to buy some crafts and experience the Singapore culture.