Are HARD Summer VIP Tickets Worth It?

Are HARD Summer VIP Tickets Worth It?With only a few days left to purchase your tickets, you might be wondering, are HARD Summer VIP tickets worth it? We can answer that one for you.

Although the team at HARD does an incredible organizing the festival, VIP tickets are almost worth their modest price alone for the ability to skip the General Admission lines. If you don’t arrive early to the festival, expect to be moved slowly through the security line over the course of 45 minutes to an hour.

There’s few worse things than hearing an opener you really wanted to check out playing somewhere in the distance. Somehow the faint thumping echoes and hazy cloud of dirt and sweat from the lines don’t translate as well.

Not only are you quickly moved into HARD Summer, but you’re moved into relative luxury as far as festivals go. The hospitality areas are expansive and allow you un-obstructed views of the Main Stage performances. Because you’re not actually seeing Dog Blood unless you’re actually seeing Dog Blood.

The expanded bar options are a major plus. Don’t get me wrong, I love a barely chilled Blue Ribbon as much as the next guy, but it’s nice to mix it up when you can. Drinking your favorite cocktail or draft beer really adds to the moment when you’re in it.

The VIP sections are strictly 21 and up, meaning it’s significantly less crowded than the General Admission areas. As HARD Summer grows in popularity every year, purchasing VIP tickets with a few of your mates makes for the ultimate personal experience.

We suggest purchasing VIP tickets particularly for those of you who have attended in previous years. The differences will redefine your typically awesome HARD Summer experience for the better.