A Symphony of Sounds in Southwest Florida

The sun always shines in Florida, which is why thousands of people spend their vacation time enjoying great sights and sounds of the beautiful state. However, some of the best attractions take place indoors. The Southwest Florida Symphony is one such vacation-worthy attraction. It’s one of the classical music world’s hidden gems, a talented, dynamic orchestra with a repertoire that expands past the typical Bach and Beethoven to include more eclectic material like Radiohead and Harry Potter. If you want to attend, you’ll need to consider your source of transportation and hotel choice upon arriving. Then, you can make a schedule that centers around the symphony.


Because the weather in Florida is pleasant during the day, you’ll benefit from using green transportation for short trips. There are many businesses that provide bikes to tourists and locals, and some vendors at Miami Beach and Punta Gorda have bike-sharing programs. For somewhat longer adventures, a bus or a trolley is worth considering, and you can use shuttles to reach neighboring cities in Florida.

Hotels Near Naples, FL

If you want to be close to water-sports during the day before checking out the orchestra, get a suite at the Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort and Spa. This hotel resort is a fun destination in its own right, with four water slides near a large lazy river. The property is also near the beach, which is a great place to catch some rays, go swimming, and watch the dolphins.

The Hilton in Naples, FL also has a variety of features that appeal to kids and adults, alike, such as a waterfall swimming pool, free Wi-Fi, and a fitness center. It’s an ideal place to stay if you want to check out animals because it’s just a short drive from the Naples Zoo.

Southwest Florida Symphony Details

You can enjoy the only professional orchestra in the area at the Southwest Florida Symphony. The Symphony hosts concerts and events every season, which runs from November to April. It’s a great way to enjoy some off-peak travel to Florida, which still has amazing weather year round. Each season, the organizers also host five Masterworks series concerts.

Steak After the Symphony

Shula’s Steak House was founded by Don Shula, the most successful coach in NFL history. His restaurant is just as successful as his football teams. You can order black Angus beef, vegetables, salads, fries, and more. 

Andre’s Steak House has a menu that is known for chops prepared on a wood-fire grill. If you want surf and turf, you can order a dish that includes a juicy steak and a fresh lobster tail.

Symphony Strategies 

During musical performances, everyone will want to hear every note and chord, so don’t bring gadgets that can cause distractions. If you need your smartphone, turn off the sound so that no one will hear it whenever you get a call, and before you answer your phone, always walk away from the main performance area.

Depending on your seat, you may need help spotting some of the musicians. You can view anyone clearly from a distance by using binoculars.

In Southwest Florida, you can take a seat and enjoy the dramatic lows and highs of the symphony. It’s definitely off-kilter for Florida, but just goes to show how much this great state has to offer visitors.