A family trip to Cancun

Cancun has become a tourism mecca over the last decade. Located in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, the city has become popular among tourists that want to experience its paradisiac beaches. Recently, a new option has become available for people that travel with their families, promising a once in a lifetime experience.

Visiting Cancun with your loved ones

Located in southeast Mexico, Cancun receives the visit of over 6 millions tourists per year. People who visit the city often does so because of its idyllic beaches by the Caribbean Sea. Over the last years, Cancun all inclusive resorts have been a favorite for the people who prefer to travel with their families.  

The most recommended one is Estudio Playa Mujeres, a 5 star luxury resort just 15 minutes away from downtown Cancun. This resort was created keeping the needs of the whole family in mind. It does not matter if you travel alone, with your significant other or with kids, the wide range of activities available on this resort will ensure that each one of you leave with the best possible experience you can imagine.

Picking the best place for your stay

When traveling in family, it is very important to keep the needs of each family member in mind. After all, what kids would typically enjoy is often just a babysitting session in a different place for adults. However, luxury resorts for families are changing that and they are here to stay.

Resorts like Estudio Playa Mujeres include everything your family may need during your holiday trip, from activities to take the stress away from the daily routine on adults to interactive activities for kids to have fun and enjoy themselves.

During your stay, your family will stay in a luxurious suite especially designed by Mexican experts to bring you a relaxing experience. Suites have a very vanguardistic design and are decorated by local artists. The suites are equipped with Total-Rest Beds®, especially designed to ensure a pleasant sleep. The beds are dressed only with the best quality sheets in the market. Suites also include a fully equipped luxurious bathroom, a 24 hours room-service and a small mini bar that gets restocked once per day. 

A place for kids to enjoy themselves

If you are travelling with kids, Estudio Playa Mujeres has you cover. The resort has a kid program called Doodle Land® especially designed for the little ones of the family. This program encourages creativity by the use of interactive activities and workshops. It also promotes healthy habits by practicing sports by the pool and the beach. 

Kids up to the age of 15 can also join the kids club, where they can spend their evenings learning through fun activities, always supervised by the best professionals. 

A charming experience for adults

Adults have their fair share of fun at Estudio Playa Mujeres too. No matter what you are looking for, fun or relaxation, this resort has it waiting and ready for you

There are art exhibitions and the installations are decorated with art pieces from local artists.

The resort has 5 different restaurants with a very diverse repertoire from all around the globe, from Italian cuisine to Japanese, to make sure even the pickiest gourmet needs can be fulfilled. If you want to have a little more fun, you can go out for drinks on one of the 3 bars within the resort. Or, on the other hand, if you wish to relax, you can visit the cozy resort’s Coffee shop. 

The resort installations also include a 18-hole golf course where you can surround yourself by dunes and mangroves while enjoying the views of the Caribbean sea. 

But if relaxation is what you seek, the hotel has a luxurious spa center. The Nuup Spa includes a luxurious selection of treatments and services. Within its three different levels we can find 18 treatments cabins (each one of them equipped with a private shower), a tea station with a select variety of different flavours, a Hydrotherapy circuit (which includes a sauna and a sweatroom among other installations), a beauty salon, etc.

No matter the kind of experience you are looking to have on your next family holidays, Estudio Playa Mujeres is a place you can not miss.