8 Ways to Dress Up Any Outfit

pair of brown leather boots beside bet

For most people, having a general fashion sense isn’t really the problem. The problem is making your outfit stand out without standing out too much. Learning how to avoid looking over-the-top while refusing to settle for jeans and a t-shirt is an art that can be mastered with a few fashion tips. Here are 8 ways to dress up any outfit and venture out of your comfort zone without embarrassing yourself in the process.

  1. Add a Pop of Color

If your outfit is primarily made up of neutral colors, like a pair of black slacks and a white blouse, spice it up with a pop of color. Maybe add a yellow scarf or a blue open-toed heel to draw attention to the colorful elements that bring your outfit together. Having good fashion sense boils down to knowing when to make some noise. While you don’t want to look like a walking rainbow, adding some color here and there will certainly make your outfit shine in the right ways.

2. Focus on Accessories

Even a pantsuit can look stylish with the right accessories. If you always wear the same grayscale clothes for work, spice things up with an interesting hair clip or jewelry piece. For girls with long hair, consider a ribbon scrunchie or an animal print hair clip. For guys, throw in some natural elements like a copper or brass bracelet. These simple accents will set you apart without causing a commotion in the office.

3. Sneakers are Back

Generation Z has brought the coolness of sneakers back to life like it’s 1989. On casual Fridays or the weekend, prance around town wearing your favorite high-tops or mary jane shoes. High-top sneakers will never go out of style either, so put them on for an instantly trendy outfit. 

4. Embrace Gladiator Belts

The chunkier the belt, the better for your hips. Choose high-waisted options to pair with skirts and blazers. Remember to show off your favorite graphic tee by tucking in your t-shirt when you’re wearing jeans. Rock a cute belt with some 70s flare jeans to stand out from the crowd.

5. Glare to be Bold

If the sun’s glare is intense, consider wearing an oversized sun hat or a big pair of sunglasses. These are fun and flirty accessories that anyone can pull off. Grab your canvas tote and head to the farmer’s market in style with these southern California fashion statements.

woman standing behind white and brown concrete wall

6. A Vintage Jacket

You could wear a brown paper bag and still look cool with a vintage jacket over it. Choose from leather, denim, or suede, and rock whatever decade suits your fancy. Check out online thrift store shops for incredible deals on these classic favorites.

7. Super Tall Boots

Make your shoes the stars of your outfit by choosing tall boots to pair with your jeans. These can be leather boots, western cowboy boots, or even a pair of fur-lined boots. Just make sure they sit right below the knee to catch everyone’s attention.

8. A Bomber Jacket

Another 80’s fashion trend: the bomber jacket. This fashion staple is the most beloved, casual jacket of the decade. Pick your favorite color and walk across town in style. Bomber jackets look fantastic on casual outfits, dress wear, and are equally as flattering on your Sunday best. For more formal outings, though, choose neutral colors. 

Making fashion your passion requires knowing how to balance fitting-in and standing out. Avoid looking like wallpaper by blending neutral colors with neon accents. Wear that funky patterned sweater, but pair it with some trendy pants. Go for the brown corduroy bottoms, but skip the suspenders. What we’re trying to say is: a little goes a long way. Have fun with your fashion, just don’t go overboard.