5 Reasons Why You Should Manage Your Vacation Rental on the Go

Vacations have become a valued commodity. In 2020 COVID-19 ran rampant across the world, disrupting many lives in a tragic way. People lost their jobs, many got sick, and everyone had to readjust to how their daily lives had been affected by COVID-19. Parents had to adjust to their children attending virtual schools. People couldn’t simply just go out and get a bite to eat, because restaurants were closed. Face coverings became a mandatory thing that needed to be worn, no matter where you went. All, in all lives, were forever changed by the virus, and we are still seeing the effects of the pandemic.

One other thing which was impacted by COVID-19 was the idea of taking a vacation. As more news spread about how dangerous the virus was, people realized that vacations had to be placed on hold. With the introduction of vaccinations and the reduction of restrictions that had been established, people are now turning their eyes towards getting back out into the world of vacationing. Many vacation homeowners who rent out their homes or properties for vacationers are also happy that it seems like people are ready to travel. What we’ll focus on today is why vacation property owners should manage such properties while on the go.

1. Rental vacation technology.


Whether you’re running a single ocean-front vacation rental home in New York City, or are a part of the Sedona vacation rental management collective, you should utilize the most recent vacation rental technology available. The great thing about such technology is that you can use such technology while away from the vacation rental. Digital smart locks help with keeping a vacation rental secure and can be controlled with an app on your phone. You can also utilize a web management portal to keep up with your rental property, cleanings, and maintenance.

These options allow you to not have to actually be on-site to run a vacation rental. Though some people who own rental homes like to keep an eye on their people at a vacation rental that they own, this can sometimes be overbearing for the renters. Giving a person who stays at your vacation property breathing room to just relax and have fun will get them to come back to your location. Remote vacation rental technology can help this in a huge way. Having such technological options can give you peace of mind that your investment is being taken care of, even if you aren’t at the actual location.

2. Housekeeping and cleaning services.

Another reason why you should manage rentals on the go is that you don’t have to handle the cleaning services. You want to run a rental property, and not have to worry about every small thing which is associated with the location. As the property manager, you have to worry about marketing your rental, booking appointments, making sure that the property stays well stocked with supplies, making sure there’s enough chlorine in the vacation home pool, and a host of other duties. If you hire a cleaning service while managing your property on the go, this can free more time up on your end to be the best property manager that you can be.

Cleaning crews can work on whatever schedule you need them to and ensure that the property looks as good as new. They will dust surfaces, vacuum carpets, dust blinds, take out the trash, and a host of other duties throughout the property. As a property manager, it also helps to make sure that your cleaning crew is stocked up with the best cleaning tools if needed, in addition to staying healthy while on the job. Maybe think about investing in an office water dispenser to give the cleaners fresh plastic water bottles to keep them hydrated. A water dispenser or stock of water bottles will keep your workers energized, and doing the work needed to allow you to run your rental property while on the go.

3. Multiple Property Visits


When you decide to run your rental property on the go, this allows a certain form of freedom in that you aren’t having to just stay at one location. You have the freedom to travel to various properties and still stay on top of the daily rigors of being a property manager. Say for instance maybe your rental property office at one location needs an extra 5-gallon bottle replacement for the office water dispenser.

You can order this from your telephone or tablet while visiting a prospective vacation rental property. Maybe you want to gift one of your repeat renters with a surprise set of fancy stick on nails as a vacation home warming present. Being able to visit multiple vacation homes, condos, or even apartments is one why reason you should manage your vacation rental on the go.

4. Meeting Property Owners

Managing rental properties while on the run frees you up to visit other property owners. Building such relationships can be beneficial for you in the long run. For instance, this can ensure that they will look out for your property in case you aren’t actually there. They’ll also give advice on the vacation property market.

5. Stress Relief


When you manage your property remotely you aren’t as stressed out. Having a sort of “hands-off approach” can allow you some peace of mind. Not being in the thick of managing a property can even help you clear your head enough to do a proper job of being a property manager.