5 Dream Cities For Gap Year Students

Image by Pixabay

So, you’ve just finished high school; congratulations! It’s time to get ready for the next stage of your life and you’ve decided to go to college, get a degree, go further for a Ph.D. and become a thesis geek one day. All these goals are amazing and they will prepare you to face life as an adult head-on. However, you have one full year for a sabbatical between college and high school. This is the best opportunity for you to travel around the world and experience new cultures. Unfortunately, you’ll be unable to travel around the world due to financial and time constraints. So, this is a compilation of the best cities in the world for gap year students.

5 Best Cities In The World For Gap Year Students

  1. New York

If you’re within the United States, visiting the Empire State might be the best way for you to enjoy your gap year without leaving the country. The big city of New York is full of fun activities and places to visit. Things to do in New York include visiting the Natural History Museum, China Town, Rockefeller Centre, the Statue of Liberty the Empire State building and so many more. While the hotels in New York may be expensive, you’ll be spending less on flight fare and you’ll not need to pay for visa processing.

  1. Sydney

Do you want to leave the United States? That’s a great way to spend your gap year and one of the best places to go is Sydney, Australia. Places to visit in Sydney include Bondi Beach, Harbour Bridge, the Opera House, and Great Barrier Reef. There are many other fun places to visit in Sydney. The cost of hotel bills, feeding, and transportation within Sydney is fair. The highest amount you’ll spend would be what you spend on your flight ticket.

  1. London

Who wouldn’t want to visit one of the oldest cities in the world? England’s capital city is an amazing place to spend your gap year if you love history. There are many amazing sites to see and most of them have historical stories. If you aren’t a big fan of taking a historical tour of London, you can spend your time at parks, theaters, weekend markets, comedy shows, etc.

  1. Bangkok

So maybe you want to spend your gap year in South-East Asia. Guess what? Bangkok is a great place to go to. The capital of Thailand exposes you to an entirely new culture that isn’t similar to what you know in any way. Some of the largest shopping centers in the world are located in Bangkok. You can visit the Koh San Road to get a taste of almost everything the city has to offer.

  1. Cape Town

If you want to spend your gap year in Africa, the best city to visit is Cape Town, South Africa. Most foreigners stay in Long Street. This part of town is full of cafes, hotels, restaurants, night clubs and many other places that will make your stay pleasant. You can opt for a bus tour around the city to see some of the most amazing parts. The cost of living in Cape Town is affordable. So, you don’t need to break the bank when you are planning the trip.

The good thing about spending your gap year in a foreign land is that you can decide to either move from one country to another or settle in one. Internships and volunteer programs are available for gap year students in all these cities listed above. All you have to do is pick one and start planning your gap year.