10 Tips to Take More Luxury Trips

When was the last time that you pampered yourself? It’s probably been a minute. Not everyone can afford to live in the lap of luxury for every vacation they take.

While you may never be able to make every getaway as cushy as you would like, there are ways for you to take more luxury trips.  It’s all about planning ahead. Consult a travel agent or go during the off-season.

You could also travel in a group and share the experience. Has all this talk got you ready to jumpstart your next vacation already? Check out these tips for going on more luxurious vacations throughout the year.

1. Take a Limo To and From the Airport 

You may not have enough money to book a limo for your entire trip (not many people do its okay) but there’s no reason you can’t take one to and from the airport. 

Doing this will stop you from having to flag down a taxi when you get off the plane. You can just sit and relax.

Also, imagine the looks you’ll get when you pull up to your hotel in a limo. You’ll get to feel and look like a celebrity! 

2. Take Advantage of Your Frequent Flyer Miles

If you have to travel a lot for work then you may have some frequent travel miles built up. It’s time to cash them in. Use them to upgrade your ticket to first-class or business-class. 

First-class and business-class are the most luxurious ways to travel so you can imagine these spots fill up fast. Start looking to upgrade well before your trip.  

3. Hire a Travel Agent 

It can be hard to plan a super luxurious vacation when work has you busy seven days out of the week. That’s why you should enlist in a little bit of help. Get in touch with a travel agent

They have connections with hotels, transportation services, and tour companies so they will know which places can give you the best deals. You’ll be able to plan the ultimate vacation for a fraction of the price.  

4. Stay Out of Traps 

If you want to stay in the heart of Paris during your vacation it will be nice but it will cost you a pretty penny. You may be able to plan a vacation like this once every few years if you’re lucky. 

You could visit a lot more frequently if you were to stay out of the city. Look around at hotels and resturants surrounding your destination. You can still take part in all the city has to offer without staying in it. 

5. Rough It for the First Week

If you’re going to be gone for a few weeks then you can break your trip up a little bit. Stay in the cheapest accommodations and stick to a strict budget for the first week of your vacation.

This will save you money so you can finish out the second half of your trip in comfort. Go all out and stay in the best hotel around, take limos, and eat from the 5-star resturants. Closeout your vacation with a bang. 

6. It’s All in the Clothes 

The clothes maketh the man or woman so they say. When you dress in your best clothes employees will treat you better. They’ll be at your beck and call because they’ll be under the impression that you have the money to throw around. 

Besides, trading out your ripped jeans and oversized hoodie for something a little fancier will give you a huge confidence booster. 

7. Don’t Go Overboard with Your Itinerary 

The point of taking a luxury vacation is so you can sit back and chill for a little bit. The last thing you want to do is stress yourself out by overstuffing your itinerary with tons of places to go. 

No matter how much you pack in, you won’t be able to see everything a destination has to offer in one trip. You may as well stick to the highlights and plan to see different attractions during your second trip. 

8. Keep Your Credit Card Company Informed 

Chances are you’re not going to be traveling with a huge wad of cash. That’s just asking to get mugged. Go ahead and use your credit card but contact your credit card company before you go on your trip to let them know you’ll be out of town. 

Your bank or credit card company will lock your card if they start seeing transactions out of your normal spending pattern. The last thing you want is to be cut off from your money for the first week of your trip.   

9. Travel in a Group

It’s much easier to split the price of a luxury villa with a group of people rather than try to take on the entire expense yourself. Even though you’re going with a group doesn’t mean that you can’t go off on your own to get a relaxing massage. 

You don’t have to stick with your group the entire time so consider taking friends or family for all of your vacations. You’ll be able to make all of your trips lavish ones by doing this. 

10. Go During the Off-Season

If you go to a beach resort in the middle of the summer you’re going to end up spending a lot of money for everything. You’ll dish out so much on accommodations alone that you won’t be able to do much else. Instead, consider going during the off-season. 

Beach hotels and attractions will be a lot cheaper during the winter then they would be during the hot months. 

Relax By Taking More Luxury Trips

You work hard. You deserve all of your vacations to be luxury trips! Who can afford this though?

You can as long as you plan appropriately! Keep these tips in mind for your next getaway and get the relaxation that you’ve been needing. 

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