10 Places to check in during VISIT NEPAL 2020

Planning a vacation next year? Think Nepal! This landlocked and little-known Asian nation has a lot more to offer to any vacationer. Indeed, every length and breadth of the country has numerous points of interest, which might be awesome to just about anyone.

It is impossible to plan a trip without the necessary guidance to that effect. We have stepped in willingly and voluntarily to offer that very guide. To do this, we have identified ten of the most outstanding places of interest in the country.


#1: Everest Base Camps

Many people choose to come to Nepal to climb Mount Everest – the world’s tallest mountain. On their way up the mountain, they make two pit stops as they rest in preparation for the eventual up climb. It is these two which are called the Everest Base Camps.

If you do not want to climb the mountain but would like to see the base camps for yourself, you may opt to enroll in a from Everest Base Camp helicopter tour. This will take you from the foot of the mountain to the two base camps and back. You will get to enjoy the pleasure of climbing the mountain for limited sweat.

#2: Swayambhunath

This is a storied temple complex and pilgrimage site. Within the complex are an iconic stupa, numerous shrines, and temples. It caters to the Buddhists adherents who number well over 480 million worldwide. You will find it perched atop the Kathmandu Valley.

Other than performing Buddhism rites, the site lets you capture memorable pictures to remember her by. This stems from its breathtaking architecture and several beautiful spots. You will also get a chance to mingle and converse with other pilgrims.

#3: Pashupatinath Temple

Pashupatinath is a Hindu temple, which is located in Kathmandu, Nepal. This temple is both revered and historic in equal measure. Moreover, it also doubles up as a famous sacred cremation site. You will find it located along the Bagmati riverbank that straddles the city of Kathmandu.

Just like its Swayambhunath counterpart above, this is also a nice place to capture shots for future references. It similarly gives you the rare privilege of mixing and sharing with other like-minded pilgrims from around the Hindu world.

#4: Kathmandu Durbar Square

Formerly the seat of the Nepali monarch, this is now a ruin that confers mostly historical significance. In its basic form, it is a historic royal complex that is adorned with a beautiful courtyard. Within the complex are a museum, courtyards, temples, and palaces.

For all practical purposes, this is a nice place to learn about Nepal’s history. You will receive guided tours and a chance to relive the glorious past of Nepal. Yet again, you will meet and talk with many other visitors from Nepal and beyond.

#5: Chitwan National Park

Cherish wildlife, nature and outdoors? Nepal, yet again, has got you covered. You have this Chitwan National Park for your consideration. It contains numerous species of endemic wildlife like the renowned Bengali tigers. To get there, travel to the Terai Lowlands, which are to south-central Nepal.

Some of the wonderful species you will behold are the giant hornbill, crocodiles, tigers, and buffaloes. Also present in the park is the famous Balmiki Ashram, which is a Hindu pilgrimage site. You may pop into it yet again to fulfill your religious rights.

#6: Manaslu

Unlike many of the other sites we have mentioned, this one is natural. It is a mountain, which is part of the Himalayan range or complex. Within the mountain, itself are numerous hiking trails, which you may consider traversing in your free time.

If you are intent on climbing mountains but abhor altitude sickness, this is a nice one to try out. It is lower and gentler, which make it easier to get to the top. Then again, you may walk along the hiking trails as your jog and breathe.

#7: Annapurna Sanctuary

In case you cherish everything outdoors, we suggest that you attempt this Annapurna Sanctuary. The sanctuary is a camping site, mountain, and climbing venue, all at the same time! It comes in the form of an oval-shaped plateau that is surrounded by a ring of mountains.

Regardless of your unique outdoor taste, this sanctuary has a place for you. Consider pitching a tent climbing along its cliffs, or gazing the breathtaking ambiance, whichever case may be applicable for you! Given its popularity

#8: Kathmandu Valley

Kathmandu Valley is perhaps the most iconic of all of Nepal’s tourist attractions. The valley is a famed area that comprises 130+ historic monuments. It is bowl-shaped, hosts a palace museum and serves as a pilgrimage site all in one instant!

Apart from being home to most of Kathmandu’s residents, it also serves as an important crossroad of Buddhism and Hinduism. Indeed, many adherents visit the 130+ monuments for the sake of their pilgrimage each year.

#9: Thamel

Are you a lover of nightlife? If your answer has been in the affirmative, we advise that you do not depart Nepal without a stopover at the Thamel neighborhood in Kathmandu. This buzzing, visitor-friendly area serves as Kathmandu’s main nightlife zone.

Adorning this area are innumerable bars, nightclubs, discos, restaurants, and entertainment spots. Close nearby are some markets that sell local curios, handicrafts, trekking gears, and colorful jewelry. Do stop by to purchase some memorabilia for your future references.

#10: Phewa Lake

Wrapping up our list of the leading places of interest is this Phewa Lake. This is a good place to practice paragliding. The area has a breathtaking appearance, which also makes it great for matters photography. We ask that you visit it to appreciate nature and capture memorable shots.

Since many people frequently visit it, chances are that you will similarly meet and share with many others around the world. The breathtaking ambiance also makes for adequate relaxation and unwinding.


Kindly note that the ten places we have discussed are not all that the wonderful nation of Nepal has to offer. Indeed, the nation has many more hidden gems, which may take an eternity to exhaust. You have no reason hence not to visit the nation.

When do you plan to set out? Who else are you bringing with you? Could you be in need of any further clarification from us? Kindly let us hear from you…